Double Crop Farming| How does this works?

Double cropping is all about maximizing and optimizing yield and profitability. Yield and profitability from double crop systems can indeed increase with better management practices and early maturing varieties. Choosing your variety is a critical decision when double cropping. Soybeans planted after wheat will not have the opportunity to get as tall as your full – season soybean crop. You will need to plant varieties with later maturities. Planting at higher populations and choosing a taller variety that’s suitable for your environment and market are also important.

Double cropping refers to the harvesting of two crops or commodities in a calendar year. This could be winter wheat in the spring and soybeans in the fall. Common double crop options are soybeans, sorghum, and sunflower.

Economic Benefits of Double Cropping

Economic benefits of double cropping include:

  • Potential of additional revenue.
  • Fixed costs can be spread over more production.
  • Technological advances such as early maturing seed varieties may facilitate the adoption of double cropping.

Besides avoiding the negative environment consequences associated with cropland expansion, increases in double cropping, may offer other environmental or economic benefits. For example, in some applications, double cropping can reduce fertilizer requirements.

Disadvantages of Multiple Cropping

Although it has several advantages , below are some disadvantages that you can expect:

  • Pests and even diseases make it very easily.
  • The use of currently available technological innovations is difficult.
  • Pests and diseases can move from one crop to another one easily.
  • Controlling weeds is always harder.

Importance of a Double Cropping Business Plan

The importance of planning in business and agriculture cannot be overestimated. By developing a sound, carefully thought – out business plan, you take the most important step towards reaching your goal, a business that’s alive and profitable. Careful planning is one of the most vital parts of any successful business. Comprehensive plans are routinely prepared by larger firms as a normal business practice. They improve communication, general efficiency and decision making. Contact us now if you need help and professional assistance in this area: (27) 845833143 or email us at

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