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Experience you can trust, service you can count on
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We help Entrepreneurs & Farmers with Professional/Bankable Business & Farming Plans so that they can Attract Funding for their Business

Welcome to

Libra Small Business Consultants

What to Expect

What to Expect

  • Share in 40 years business experience.
  • Share in 21 years business plan writing experience.
  • Share in 15 years farming/agricultural experience.
  • Helpful step - by - step guidance through the process.
  • Ongoing high - quality support.
  • High Quality and Bankable Business Plan and Farming/ Agric plan writing.
  • Professional & Personal Service/guidance by ex- banker.
  • Sharing 28 years banking experience gained in various senior positions and also part of a credit committee.
  • Provide practical solutions designed to boost your business.
  • High - quality investors pitches to add to your plan.


The Process

The Process

Information Gathering

We will send you a business plan questionnaire document to complete so that we can obtain some important information and documentation from you. This is vital to ensure that we understand and buy into your ideas, vision and plans for your business.

Business Plan Writing

The process will kick in / start after the applicable quotation is accepted and the required deposit be paid. Depending on the type of project the process can take approximately 80 - 120 hours to complete.

Business Plan Completion

The document itself can be used to communicate plans, strategies and tactics to partners, investors and other interested parties. It is also used when you're applying for business credit. The business and /or farming plan contains both strategic and tactical objectives, market analysis and other relevant topics.

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What to Expect

Industries we operate in

* Franchising

* Automotive

* Property Development

* Transport & Logistics

* Student Accommodation

* Computer Training

* Pre - School & Cottage Schools

* Cleaning

* Security

* Construction

* Liquor Stores

* Renewable Energy

* Water Purifying

Farming Industries

  • Commercial Farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Piggery Farming
  • Dairy Farming
  • Fruit Farming
  • Hydroponics Farming
  • Sheep & Cattle Farming
  • Game Farming
  • Goat Farming
  • Garlic Farming
  • Cash Crop Farming
  • Mushroom Farming
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Banana Farming
  • Avocado Farming
  • Vermiculture Farming
  • Aquaponic Farming
  • and more...

Why You Should Use Our Services

Great value for money, Killer, Professional and Bankable Business and Farming/Aric Business Plans, Personal Service, Investors Pitches, Going the extra mile, Affordable and Competitive Pricing, Excellent Support.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages



  • Results driven solutions - Comply with all Investors requirements.
  • Experienced team to work with - 28 years banking experience & 22 years business.
  • Strategic Advice - Structure all inputs in a professional way.
  • Market research - Provide high- quality market research to customers.


  • Template - Only main headings - no input.
  • Template - Main headings and input guidance.
  • Business/Farming Proposals.
  • Investors Pitches.
  • Business & Farming Grant Proposals.
  • Comprehensive Business/Farming plans + financial statements

Online consulting services on ZOOM, SKYPE, GOOGLE MEET OR FACETIME.Contact us now at (27) 84 583 3143 or email: for details.

Also check out business blog for some interesting business & farming ideas.

Not sure about your idea/plans/opportunity?

We provide a Skype, Zoom or FaceTime facility where you can discuss this further.

Make use of our 45 min advisory / mentoring service for a small fee of R400.
This is only a discussion and not a business plan.

More about our services

More about our Services

Business and Farming Plans are not products that you buy in any shop and that you can return whenever you want to if you not happy with it. If you want to impress other interested parties and in particular Investors / Banks you need a quality product and one that also provide great value for your money.

Business Plan Review

A reviewer will ensure you've produced a quality document that will meet the requirements of those who will be reading your business or farming plan. Having your plan reviewed by an experienced consultant is a vital step in the business plan creation process.

I offer a comprehensive business plan and farming/Agric business plan review. I provide feedback on the viability and sustainability of the business based on more than 40 years experience. I also comment on the plans suitability for business management.

We review the following on all business and farming plans:

  • All key sections to ensure everything is covered.
  • Proper Table of Contents.
  • All key points explained clearly & substantiated facts provided.
  • Clearly defined target market and realistic goals to reach your audience.
  • Financial Forecast/Projections that is not overestimated.
  • Test for your pitch - The ability to pitch your business to an investor is a core skill for any aspiring entrepreneur. Having it undergo a review amounts to a "stress test" for your business or farming plan.

We read through the text of the business or farming plan with an eye toward evaluating whether it provides a realistic assessment of the Company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the market environment in which it operates.

We assess the financial section of your plan very thoroughly. If the entrepreneur is requesting a specific amount of money, we calculate whether this sum will be sufficient to achieve the goals outlined in the business or farming plan, and whether the projections for growing the business and paying off the loan seem realistic and grounded.

Remember, a business or farming plan is typically designed to attract investors and also to provide a blueprint for your business or farming operation. It should clearly illustrate the goals, objectives, strategies, and means of operations for your business. You should, therefore present the information in a professional manner. Neatness and attention to detail indicate that you are serious about the business endeavor.


Business Plan Costing

Customers are most of the time looking for a good product/service at a low cost. This can be a big and costly mistake especially if you need to find funding for your business, because low cost / cheap business or farming plans will not meet any investor's criteria. Always check the experience/ qualifications of any consultant before you sign up for any service.


Business Plan Writers can be classified in the following categories:

LOW COST BUSINESS PLANS Mostly provided by start - up companies.

  • Job normally done in 1 - 2 days.
  • Using generic templates and plans to gain market share.
  • Little or no business plan experience.
  • Business Plans will not meet Investors criteria because of lack of information and weak financial statements (if any).


* More experienced in writing business plans (excluding farming).

* Will take 5 - 12 working days to complete a plan.

* Do not use templates or generic type of plans.

* Will provide a good service but with very little extras.

* They usually longer than 5 years in business.


# High quality services and documentation.

# Experienced in most industries and business plan writing.

# Can also provide quality farming/agric plans.

# Services go the extra mile and good support.

# Provide some add - on services like Investors Pitches.


scam alert


Beware of low cost, cheap, generic business or farming plans. They do not fly and do not meet investors criteria, because they copied and pasted from templates. You will waste your time and money like some customers find out when it is too late. Don't get caught. Always check experience and qualifications of consultant.

Don't take our word for it

Read some reviews from our happy clients

Good Day Hansie,

I acknowledge receipt of the parcel. Just finished reading all the stuff. I take my hat off Sir, you good in this field. I have in my entire life not saw such a quality document. This is a superb piece of work. Thank you so much!

Moses Shasha

Good day All,

Good news: We have managed to secure a loan from the "Masizizane Fund - Old Mutual" and we go ahead with our business. I would like to thank all of you for the support and mostly for your patience during the hard times.

Sam Lephallo

Thank you so much for all the hard work and the manner in which you handle the whole thing professionally.

Busisiwe Mathebula


We hereby confirm that Hansie - Libra Small Business Consultants assisted and provided us with a Professional Business Plan for presentation to our Bankers, to enable us to obtain finance for our business. The complete plan also included a Projected Cash Flow Analysis with Business Ratios. It was a great pleasure to deal with Hansie, who conducted all negotiations in a very professional and efficient manner. We can unreservedly recommend his services to all potential customers.

Paolo Guicastro - Sole Director
Xantium Trading 384 Pty Ltd

Hi Hansie,

Thanks a lot for your service. I'm smiling all the way as I go through this plan. I must say you're good at what you do, and you'll surely hear from Ubunye IT again.

Xolani Bhengu

Met hierdie skrywe wil ek u persoonlik bedank met die opstel van "Skez Jonker Farms Pty Ltd se plaas besigheidsplan. U het uitstekende werk gedoen en u werk is hoogs professioneel en die kwaliteit van u werk spreek boekdele. Ek en my vrou verstaan dat goedkoop koop is duur koop.

Jonker Keimoes

Hi Hansie,

Net weereens 'n groot dankie vir vandag en ook die "great business plan" Ek value jou "input" vreeslik en weet dit gaan 'n groot sukses wees.

Shaun K

Hi Hansie,

You have done an excellent job. Your hard work, passion and dedication are well noted. Thank you. You are definitely the right person for the next job.

Chis Zambia

Hi Hansie,

Words cannot express my gratitude towards you for your open thoughts, guidance and professional opinions. I truly value them a lot. Luckily I have you who have gone above and beyond your call of duty which have saved me a few times.

Leandra van der Veen

Hi Hansie,

I have received it and I am so overwhelmed. I will have to go and print it out on paper. It looks beautiful the first and last email I received. Woow!! I need to go through it with a calm mind right now. My heart is on my throat as I'm looking at it - it looks amazing. I can't wait to check this out with investors and find the money to buy the farm.

Mampho, Western Cape

Tip of the week

Tip of the Week

"When you get tired of getting knocked down and want to pack it all up, don't just brush yourself off and keep on smoking' because the fight is not over until GOD rings the final bell"   - Joe Fracier