Sample & Generic Business Plans


Sample & Generic Business or Farming Plans

Beware of "sample" or "generic" type of business plans advertised on the Internet or as provided by some suppliers and Franchisors that want to help Entrepreneurs in the funding process. They are far too general and by making any changes to the names/ numbers / information provided by someone is not always a good idea. The overall structure of a business plan's narrative and logic depends solely on the writer himself. If you are unsure regarding the feasibility of your project, your start up expenses and financial statements / projections, you will need expert assistance from professional, experienced, and qualified business plan consultants. If you do not understand what you're doing with the project/business, business plan software will only enable you to write quicker but will not have an impact on the success of your launch or boost the odds of raising any funding.

Small Business & Job Creation

South African small businesses employ an estimated 50 % - 60% of the total workforce. In light of the country's record - high unemployment rate, it is evident that small businesses play a crucial  role in job creation. By providing millions of South Africans with the means to support their families, small businesses therefore contribute to the alleviation of poverty.

Small Business Bad News  

According to some small business research:
  • 20% of businesses fail in the first year (1 in 5).
  • 30% by the second year.
  • 50% by year 5.
  • 38% run out of money.
  • From a study by SBA - 60% of the businesses that failed had no Business Plan.

Do you keep your business ideas, strategy, goals and expectation up in your head where you're the only one who really knows what's going on? If you are, then you are the "bottle neck".

Business & Farming Plan Benefits:  

Start Up's - Your blueprint and reality check for getting started the right way, minimize mistakes, and bootstrap growth.

Raising Capital - Builds credibility and believability with a proven "catalog of answers" for Investors. It's the bridge between your thinking and theirs.

Non - Profit - Demonstrates to donors that you will maximize their "Return on Impact"

Growing - Your roadmap for repeatable, scalable processes for organization, building teams, and leading people. Control the chaos before it starts and continue growing smoothly.

On - Boarding - What faster way is there to get new team members engaged and up - to - speed in your business?

Deal with Big Corp - Your sophisticated, winning proposal to management, builds credibility and proves that you can deliver on a big deal.

Sale - Builds your case for a profitable future upside and validates valuation. Add the processes and systems that make it attractive to sell faster at a higher price.

Succession - Everything your kids / new owners need to successfully continue what you started.


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