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How to be successful in obtaining suitable funding from a investor or bank?

Can you guarantee suitable funding for my project/business?


No one (not even if someone claim they can) can guarantee any type/size of funding, because all funding decisions depend entirely on the bank/investor that will look at your application.

Your chances in obtaining funding will be much better with a proper and well – structured business or farming plan and backed by strong/ convincing financial projections. Therefore, we advise you make use of the services of an experienced and qualified business plan consultant.

What role will a Investors Pitch Deck play in obtaining funding from any Investor?


Any entrepreneur or agripreneur should know how to pitch their business to any investor. Even if you’re not planning to pursue funding, having a solid investors pitch ensures that you know your business inside and out. Which comes in handy if or when you are eventually decide to seek out any investment.

You’ll really never know how good your pitch is until you actually do it or get it done by a professional. Don’t stress, and treat every investors pitch as a learning experience for you and your business. We share our experience in this regard by helping you with an investors pitch for any project you may have.