1st 10 FAQs

What will happen if I do not find funding for my project or business?



We go the “extra mile” with all our customers and will help you as far as possible to see that you do get the required funding. It is also in our interest to help and see that you get the money needed, because you can then be a reference for us to other clients.

However, you should understand that  we do not lend money ourselves and the final decision will be with the applicable bank/investor. If you for some reason, and after we explored every possible avenue with you, do not find finance you:

At least tried your best; and                                                

Can keep all the provided documentation of the business plan; Which you can update/change at any point in time and then re-submit to a lender of your choice;

You will learn more and more every time you approach a lender and will then be able to eliminate similar mistakes in the future.

It will all depend on how well you present yourself and your business. Your “pitch” to the bank/investor will make or break the deal. We can bring you there 90% – the rest will be between you and the Investors. No one can guarantee anything in life – the same with getting funding.

Another option (much cheaper than a business plan) – if you not sure that you will get funding is to test the market by providing Investors with a professional “Investors Pitch”



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How exactly will you be able to help me with all my Agricultural problems/concerns?



Coming from a banking/business/finance background and also with more than 15 years experience in the Agricultural field, we will be able to assist and advise you in the following ways:-

Help you in developing a professional and well-structured farming business plan that will meet with all lender requirements;

You will get a professional/personal service – going the “extra mile”;                     

You will have access to various Investors;

We can also help you with effective advertising/marketing of your farming operation where potential customers will be able to get hold of you and learn more about your products/services;

We can assist you in developing a strong financial plan with all financial indicators in place and a plan that will meet with lender requirements.

We can point you to the right and helpful suppliers like – DICLA that can help you in the set up and running of a successful business.

Helpful assistance in all aspects of “Broiler/Chicken” Farming.

Help you in the set up of a “Tunnel Farming” operation and producing Organic Vegetables.

Assist you in the successful set up and running of a profitable farming operation.

We can provide you with a comprehensive helpful marketing plan.

Are you dealing with Government and need a professional Farming/ Business Profile? We can help.

You are not sure if your farming operation is profitable and on the right track. Let us do a “Farming Financial Analysis” showing you all the problems, and how you can rectify them.

If you not sure that you will get funding for your farming operation, why not try an cheaper option by preparing a “investor pitch” first to test the market. See more on our Services (Business Services page) on this option. You can also make use of our online consulting service on ZOOM, SKYPE, GOOGLE MEET OR FACETIME to meet in person and discuss any related issue for 45 min. Contact us for details on:




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How can I find sufficient finance for my business?

Very often, the set up and establishment of a “franchise” or business will call for a big investment. Only a few entrepreneurs are able to find this investment from their own resources. Fortunately, various funding options exist.

Accessing these funding options is a different matter altogether, but being part of a reputable and well established franchisor, will give you a head start. What does this mean? You need to understand that there is no shortage for start up finance. Financiers accept deposits from investors and pay them interest and unless they lend the money to borrowers (in this case potential franchisees) at a higher rate of interest, they will soon go out of business.

However, what is in short supply, are reputable entrepreneurs who are willing and able to present financiers with a well thought out finance application,comprehensive and professional business plan.

Investors (including bankers) often complain about the number of people/entrepreneurs who approach them for finance without a proper “Due Diligence” of the venture the loan is being applied for. They cannot present a quality business plan or loan application, nor are they able to answer some very basic questions about their business in a convincing manner.

Do not fall into this trap – a little preparation goes a long way. Your banker/investor is going to ask some tough questions and they will expect you to provide realistic answers to the following questions:                                

  • How much money do you need and what are you going to do with the loan?       

  • Can you demonstrate how this loan will help you to increase your profits?

  • How do you plan to structure repayments and what alternatives can you offer should the business’s cash flow fail to keep up with ongoing financial obligations?

  • What can you offer as collateral?

A great presentation can help. You are in competition with thousand of others who are also wanting loans. Demonstrate that you have really thought things through. The answer is not merely to ensure that you have got things right, but to make sure you have got nothing wrong. In the case of a loan application any tiny little thing that can give the bank/investor an opportunity for throwing your loan application out of the window – like careless typing errors – will be pounced on.

The most effective way to approach Investors is to do a “Investors Pitch Deck” or ask a professional consultant to prepare one. Check out our Business Services page for more details on Investors Pitch Decks. Or make use of our online consulting service at ZOOM, SKYPE GOOGLE MEET OR FACETIME — 45 MIN – CONTACT US AT:


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What physical form should the plan take when it is completed?


You will always want to have a printed version of your business, farming, marketing plan or business profile. Depending on whom you expect to reading the document it may take a form ranging from a paper-clipped set of black & white, loose leaf papers to a formal, bound, full-color document. In addition, our electronic world offers other forms that can be very effective in presenting your document.

For a personal interface with a banker or private investor, a presentation using a tool like “Power Point” can be very effective for graphically portraying and explaining the key issues set forth in your document. It is especially helpful in describing market share issues, employee and sales personnel productivity growth expectations, cash flows and profitability. Also look at our Business Services for details on “Investors Pitches”.

For those instances when you can’t be personally present, having your documents in a secure Internet friendly format can be of great value. Being able to provide remote access for a portion of your complete document to someone who may represent a source of funding for your business is an effective way of screening potential investors.

If you are not a computer professional, some of the above document forms may be a challenge. If you can see the need for them then you should rather use the services of a professional consultant that can help you with these in various ways.









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Why does Low Cost and Generic Business Plans not fly?


Most Generic, Low Cost and Basic/Template type of Business Plans and Farming Plans do not fly because of the following:

  • They do not meet with  Investors/Banks criteria;
  • The overall quality is sub-standard and offer no real value;
  • The general lay-out and sequence of the topics are all messed up and do not follow a certain path;
  • Low cost Business Plans are usually a rushed job done in a few days, without proper consultation with a professional consultant;
  • Most available templates  are developed for the overseas (American) market and do not address important issues/problems experienced in South Africa;
  • Cheap and Generic Business Plans Writers only want to make easy and quick money and do not really have your interest at heart;
  • Some Low Cost Business Plan Writers do not have the expertise and background to explain the entire cumbersome funding process in detail and in particular how exactly the Credit Act” works and what your rights are. They will rarely go the “extra mile”.

All serious “Entrepreneurs” should be aware and take notice of all the “pitfalls” of services/plans provided by so-called low cost Business Plan or Farming Plan Writers that are only looking after themselves and are not really having your interest at heart, not going the “extra mile” and only want to make a “quick buck” out of you. Before you appoint any consultant first check our guidelines of what to look for when you appoint a consultant, before you burn your fingers badly and eventually do not get the required funding because of poor and sloppy work.

A Business Plan is a highly structured document designed to sell financial institutions or investors on your financing proposal. It is structured to provide them with information in a familiar format so that the information they need to make a decision to loan you the money you need to start or expand your business is accessible. To ensure that you get full value for your money in the preparation of your business plan, you should ask the following questions before appointing a consultant:-

  1. Do they have the required qualifications?
  2. Do they have the ability and willingness to transfer skills and expertise?
  3. Do they have the required experience?
  4. Do they use “off the shelf” templates?
  5. Do they know exactly how the “credit act” works.
  6. Do they provide a “personal” service through the entire process or do they outsource some of their services?
  7. Can they help you in the marketing/sales areas as well?
  8. What financial expertise do they have and exactly what financial information will they include in the plan?
  9. How many plans did they write so far?
  10. How long have they been writing business plans?
  11. Do they explain the entire process upfront showing you all the “pitfalls”?
  12. Do they fully prepare you for your meeting in the pitching of your business plan?

It is vital for any entrepreneur to check out the above before committing or signing any contract/agreement and thereby avoid any unhappiness later. Some customers find out too late that they were taken for a ride. Don’t be one of them.





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