Tag: Cash

December 15, 2018 Hansie Britz

                Cash burn rate is the rate at which a company uses up its cash reserves or cash balance. How fast are you burning through your cash reserves? Or is your cash moving the other direction, building up a healthy balance from positive cash flow. Cash burn rate is a big concern for funded startups….

December 16, 2017 Hansie Britz

“Cash Flow” refers to the revenues a business generates (and collects) compare to the expenses it pays out over a fixed period of time. Broadly speaking, businesses bring in money through sales, financing and returns on investments. And they spend money on supplies/services, as well as utilities, taxes and other bills. Cash Flow problems affect…

November 28, 2015 Hansie Britz

                          In order to start a successful bakery you need to possess the qualities of an artist, an ingenious financial manager and a marketing wizard. Should any of these qualities be lacking in your make-up, then the only way to succeed is to…