What will happen if I do not find funding for my project or business?

September 21, 2015 Hansie Britz


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We go the “extra mile” with all our customers and will help you as far as possible to see that you do get the required funding. It is also in our interest to help and see that you get the money needed, because you can then be a reference for us to other clients.

However, you should understand that  we do not lend money ourselves and the final decision will be with the applicable bank/investor. If you for some reason, and after we explored every possible avenue with you, do not find finance you:

At least tried your best; and                                                

Can keep all the provided documentation and “soft copy” of the business plan; Which you can update/change at any point in time and then re-submit to a lender of your choice;

You will learn more and more every time you approach a lender and will then be able to eliminate similar mistakes in the future.

It will all depend on how well you present yourself and your business. Your “pitch” to the bank/investor will make or break the deal. We can bring you there 90% – the rest will be between you and the Investors. No one can guarantee anything in life – the same with getting funding.

Another option (much cheaper than a business plan) – if you not sure that you will get funding is to test the market by providing Investors with a professional “Investors Pitch”