What physical form should the plan take when it is completed?


You will always want to have a printed version of your business, farming, marketing plan or business profile. Depending on whom you expect to reading the document it may take a form ranging from a paper-clipped set of black & white, loose leaf papers to a formal, bound, full-color document. In addition, our electronic world offers other forms that can be very effective in presenting your document.

For a personal interface with a banker or private investor, a presentation using a tool like “Power Point” can be very effective for graphically portraying and explaining the key issues set forth in your document. It is especially helpful in describing market share issues, employee and sales personnel productivity growth expectations, cash flows and profitability. Also look at our Business Services for details on “Investors Pitches”.

For those instances when you can’t be personally present, having your documents in a secure Internet friendly format can be of great value. Being able to provide remote access for a portion of your complete document to someone who may represent a source of funding for your business is an effective way of screening potential investors.

If you are not a computer professional, some of the above document forms may be a challenge. If you can see the need for them then you should rather use the services of a professional consultant that can help you with these in various ways.