How exactly will you be able to help me with all my Agricultural problems/concerns?



Coming from a banking/business/finance background and also with more than 15 years experience in the Agricultural field, we will be able to assist and advise you in the following ways:-

Help you in developing a professional and well-structured farming business plan that will meet with all lender requirements;

You will get a professional/personal service – going the “extra mile”;                     

You will have access to various Investors;

We can also help you with effective advertising/marketing of your farming operation where potential customers will be able to get hold of you and learn more about your products/services;

We can assist you in developing a strong financial plan with all financial indicators in place and a plan that will meet with lender requirements.

We can point you to the right and helpful suppliers like – DICLA that can help you in the set up and running of a successful business.

Helpful assistance in all aspects of “Broiler/Chicken” Farming.

Help you in the set up of a “Tunnel Farming” operation and producing Organic Vegetables.

Assist you in the successful set up and running of a profitable farming operation.

We can provide you with a comprehensive helpful marketing plan.

Are you dealing with Government and need a professional Farming/ Business Profile? We can help.

You are not sure if your farming operation is profitable and on the right track. Let us do a “Farming Financial Analysis” showing you all the problems, and how you can rectify them.

If you not sure that you will get funding for your farming operation, why not try an cheaper option by preparing a “investor pitch” first to test the market. See more on our Services (Business Services page) on this option. You can also make use of our online consulting service on ZOOM, SKYPE, GOOGLE MEET OR FACETIME to meet in person and discuss any related issue for 45 min. Contact us for details on: