April 16, 2017 Hansie Britz



What is a Pitch Deck?

A Pitch Deck (Power Point Presentation) provide your audience (Potential Investors) with a quick overview of your Business Plan. You will usually use your pitch deck during face-to-face meetings with investors, customers etc. Sometimes you will use your “Pitch” to present your business in front of a larger audience or other times, a Investor may ask you to email them your pitch without being accompanied by your verbal delivery..

When do I need a Pitch?

1. Your pitch can serve as an outline for your Business Plan. A “Pitch Deck” is easy to re-arrange, so you can easily experiment with the flow of your story.

2. If you are trying to persuade people to “buy in” to your story and become supporters i.e strategic partners, co-founders, or employees a pitch deck is often the best medium to expressing your story.

3. If you are approaching sophisticated investors – like venture capitalists, angel investors etc you will almost certainly need a pitch deck.

4. No matter where you live, there are probably a number of opportunities within driving distance for you to present your opportunity to an audience. These are events organized by universities, angel groups, start-up conferences etc.


1. Length.

There are many experts who will tell you that your pitch deck must have exactly 5 slides, or exactly 10 slides. There are no strict rules about how long your presentation should be, as long as you can deliver it comfortably, without rushing, in the allotted time.

2. Content.

Think from your audience’s perspective. What questions do they need you to answer in order for them to take the desired action.

3. Focus.

Limit each slide to expressing one idea. You want to keep your entire audience on the same page.

4. Aesthetics.

Don’t worry too much about aesthetics until you’ve conquered the structure and flow of the pitch deck first. Then, don’t go wild with artistic flourish: you want your audience to focus on you, not your slides.

5. Delivery.

If your pitch deck is a race car, then you are the driver. The deck is useless without your execution. You should practice your your pitch until you get it perfect – first in front of a mirror, then with people like family, friends etc.

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