What Makes a Good Plan?

You can think about the good or bad of a plan (business, farming, marketing, sales) as the plan itself, measuring its value by its contents. There are some qualities in a plan that make it more likely to create results, and these are important. However, it is even better to see the plan as part of the whole process of results, because even a great plan is wasted if nobody follows it.

The plan depends on the human elements around it, particularly the process of commitment and involvement, and the tracking and follow up that comes afterward. Successful implementation starts with a good plan. There are elements that will make a plan more likely to be successfully implemented. Some of the elements include:-

  • Is the plan simple? Is it easy to understand and act on? Does it communicate its contents easily and practically?
  • Is the plan specific? Are its objectives concrete and measurable? Does it include specific actions and activities, each with specific dates of completion, specific persons responsible and specific budgets?
  • Is the plan realistic? Are the sales goals, expense budgets, and milestone dates realistic? Nothing stifles implementation like unrealistic goals.
  • Is the plan complete? Does it include all the necessary elements? Requirements of a business plan or farming plan varies, depending on the context. There is no guarantee, however, that the plan will work if it doesn’t cover the main bases.





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How long will it take to finalize and complete documents?


Your Killer Business Plan may be the key instrument for acquiring investment capital or a bank loan and it will certainly be the “bible” for management to use as they build the business. The success of your business depends a great deal on how well you have thought through all the issues ahead of time. The business plan is an ideal tool for documenting this thought process.

So, how much time should be spend writing a business plan? It will certainly take more than a week or couple of weeks to do a thorough job of reviewing and documenting all of the issues critical to the success of your business. Using the right tools and having access to the necessary data can speed up the process considerably.

Other services/documents will be done in the following time frames:-

  • Business Plans – 8-12 Working Days.

  • Business / Company Profiles – 2-3 working days (if we have everything we need).
  • Investor Pitches – 1-2 days.
  • Capability Statements – 3 working days.
  • Feasibility Statements – 4 working days.
  • Farming / Agric Plans – 8-12 working days – if we have everything we need.
  • Franchise Business Plans. 8 working days.
  • Marketing Plans – 5-7 working days.
  • Financial Analysis – 2-3 working days.

All the above documents are prepared professionally and meet all bankers/investors criteria and requirements. The above time frames are only estimates and depend on a lot of factors and the availability of all required documentation.

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How long will it take to finalize and complete documents? Read More »